UNCOVER YOUR SUCCESS DNA TO BECOME WHO YOU WANT TO BE! During the Dare2Shine course, participants will take a deeper look into themselves as they begin to discover who they truly are. As part of this course, you will engage in interviews with close friends and family to experience a glimpse of how you are showing up in the world and how others perceive you. You will also undergo a series of self-reflection and self-analysis exercises and techniques. Upon completion, you will come face to face with your values as you begin to take a very introspective journey into your life purpose and goals.

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What will i learn?
  • After completing the first protocol, you'll be able to: Identify the components of a well-defined personal brand.
  • Regain confidence and self-assurance to communicate the value of your brand
  • Enjoy the clarity and visibility to move in the direction of your dreams
  • Take control of your identity and monitors it.

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Dare-2-Shine is the first protocol from my Deliberate Presence Protocol framework for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to fill the gap between their current state and full potential.
This protocol focuses on creating the clarity of purpose or a tool your prospects can use when deciding to work or buy from you.

There are some strategies you will need to get right; the essential plan is by conducting an honest self-audit to assist you in defining your vision, mission and life's purpose via a set of strong personal values. You might not yet have the confidence, but you're ready and willing to build more influence and respect in your industry, understand how to negotiate a deal, and create meaningful win-win relationships. 

Areas to cover:
CONNECT WITH YOUR CORE VALUES: We uncover and become intimate with the core values and beliefs that have formed your overall thought process through several experiential exercises. In most cases, these ideas are the key contributors that ignite some of your personal success goals.
DEFINE A PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT: We will encourage honest reflection, assign focused time and techniques to process success outputs like your mission in life. We'll take a deep dive into your thought process to establish your goals and the meaning assigned to each of those goals. Based on that output, we will develop a passion packed mission statement that encompasses your overall objectives.
CREATE A PERSONAL VISION STATMENT: Using a series of thought-provoking and insightful inquiries, we will develop a statement focused on your guiding image of success. This will become your pathway for tracking benchmarks of your future achievements and your commitment to yourself.

You'll get the best results from any course you participate in by completing the Action Steps. This course is broken down into three steps to take you step-by-step. The measures follow a logical order, so whilst you can skip around if you want, it's best to work through them one at a time. They will help you apply what you learn directly to your life to maximising the investment you're making. 
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Adiza is an online educator, internationally certified image consultant, graphic designer & a deliberate presence guide who has worked with some of African’s millionaire CEO, Big Brands like Bank of Ghana, GLO, Guinness, C-suit and public officers in Ghana, Nigeria, UK & USA for 12+ years. She now equips entrepreneurs and professionals to unlock their holistic leadership potential through style, confidence and networking strategies so they can claim the life-changing opportunities they need.
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